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Discover Sensory Deprivation Healing At Floatopia

Floatopia Float Spa  – Imagining bathing in a sacred space, dipped in warm water and hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt. Your eyes are closed, your shoulders are back. You’re not in an indoor pool area, sitting in a hotel Jacuzzi surrounded by a deafening whirlpool of chlorine,small talk and the echoing voices of screaming kids and horseplay. There’s only pure silence. A wonderful sense of peace and serenity.

Benefits Of Floatopia Float Spa 

Floatopia Float Spa is haven of heavenly clouds, introducing you to sensory deprivation healing—a treatment therapy studied in Sweden and the United States that’s been proven to restore health and the body’s general wellbeing. Unlike a standard hot tub, the experience is not only about relaxation; it touches on four significant points—spirituality and mental, emotional and physical health. The long-lasting effects provide a number of benefits: stress reduction, an alternative to opioids for chronic pain, decreased swelling and headaches, high blood pressure, depression and insomnia treatment. Bringing the body back to homeostasis, hormonal imbalances and circulatory problems will restore into a state of tranquility.

floatopia float spa & salt cave corridor


What else is happening at Floatopia Float Spa…?

Offered are a variety of specials. For a five-session package, 90 minutes is only $350, while the ten-session package is only $600. Gift cards are also available.

What is a float session like at Floatopia? Once you step into the tank and lie down, filter jets will flow across your body for two minutes before turning off. Once the water calms, there’s nothing but silence for 50-80 minutes. Lights flash on, you rise out of the water and discover your world has changed forever.

About This Spa Deal

$39.50 for a 90-minute Float Therapy Session (Reg. $79)


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