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If you have a Neighborhoodeals local business directory listing that already includes a coupon deal, you can upgrade to an advertising package that best fits your business needs.

Don’t have a Neighborhoodeals business listing? It’s easy to create one, click here to quickly start promoting your business.

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What Is Direct Mail Advertising?

Direct mail advertising is a marketing strategy to familiarize people about a sale, new location opening, or a special coupon offer at a local business.


Neighborhoodeals distribute a promotional coupon magazine mailer to households within a specific targeted area delivered through post office mail to potential customers who have visited your local business coupon directory listing on our website or showed an interest in a product or service that your business offers.


We use Geo-targeting to re-target website visitors to remind them of your latest business offerings when they check their mailbox at home… To help optimize your digital marketing campaign for an increased response rate.


Advantages Of Direct Mail Advertising

Designing a successful direct mail marketing campaign for a small business is a difficult task for many local business owners, especially when you devote most of your time to various tasks of owning and operating the business.


The main advantage of hiring Neighborhoodeals to get new customers through your business door with direct mail advertising is the convenience of having an all-in-one combined digital and print self-service marketing platform with real-time analytics monitoring at your fingertips.


Our cooperative advertising campaigns is a cost-effective way for local business owners with a small marketing budget to expand their reach for less money than it will cost to run a solo ads campaign.

How Direct Mail Advertising Work

Get Started With Neighborhoodeals Direct Mail Advertising

Why Choose Neighborhoodeals Direct Mail Advertising

We Bring The Customers, You Keep The Profits!

Although it may seem simple, there are many factors that need to be taken into account to ensure success of your direct mailing campaign.

Neighborhoodeals can help local business owners generate leads through search engine optimized content promotion, social media ads, email, and re-targeting with our coupon magazine mailer.

With Neighborhoodeals coupon advertising local businesses do not pay a commission split on deals promoted on our website. Business owners can offer an attractive discount to potential customers and keep all of the profits... Isn't that a relief? 🙂

In addition to the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) advertising campaign our coupon magazine mailer will now be displayed at major local convenient and grocery stores in front-of-store high visibility for shoppers to pickup a free publication to help you attract more customers to your establishment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What you should know about direct mail advertising in 2020

How Do Direct Mail Work In The U.S?

A direct mail marketing campaign works as a means of mailing promotional communication by a local business to a potential customer through postal mail to their home.

Do People Like Receiving Promotional Mail At Home?

There is something exciting about opening the mailbox to find a mail piece with your name on it. While older generations are more likely to say they like receiving mail than younger generations, 36% of Americans under 30 feel the same way, according to a survey.

How Effective Is Direct Mail Marketing?

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How Much Does Direct Mail Cost?

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What Are The Typical Results of Direct Mail Advertising?

69% percent of respondents that participated in a survey conducted by Demand Metric and PFL reported a very good response rate when direct mail was in the mix with digital ads compared to 63% with campaigns the did not use direct mail.

Which Type Of Business Benefit The Most From Direct Mail Marketing?

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