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Why Neighborhoodeals?

Neighborhoodeals help promote local spending that allows customers to save money while supporting the community.


Be Everywhere Your Customers Are!

Provide a seamless omnichannel shopping experience that integrates with your local business listing to communicate with customers, track marketing campaigns and collect customer data from your storefront.

Save Money On Marketing and Advertising Costs

Reach a wider audience with increased exposure and local visibility for a fraction of the cost that Groupon and other business listing sites charge.

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Influencer Marketing

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Grow Your Business Faster Than Ever Before

Looking to attract more customers and boost your bottom line? Then get listed on our free business directory! You can start offering discounts to your customers without sacrificing a large portion of profits-we only take a small commission on each sale. Plus, being listed on our directory will give you more exposure and visibility, helping you reach a wider audience. So don’t wait any longer, Create a free business listing and start growing your business!

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Customers are now able to easily discover your local business and make a purchase online.