America is going through a moment of economic downturn, and most small business owners do not know how to deal with the decrease in cash flow as a result of Covid-19.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, there will be establishments that will lose a good portion of customers to competitors that have adapted to change and have inexpensively implemented local business marketing strategies to stay afloat during this uncertain time.

7 Local Business Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales During A Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone, but we know that many small businesses are feeling particularly vulnerable.

Although you may be inclined to believe the opposite initially, this is a great time to announce a sale, new location opening, or an exclusive discount offer around town like never before with these local business marketing strategies.


Neighborhoodeals Local Coupon Directory

Neighborhoodeals is a self-serve, hyper-local, search engine optimized (SEO) local  business coupon directory website and mobile app.


People come to Neighborhoodeals to search and save at nearby restaurants, hair salons, auto repair, professional services and more.


Business owners with a physical location should create a profile listing that includes the basic company information such as the name, address, phone number, business type & description, and a coupon deal to attract new customers fast.

It’s Free To List Your Business!


Website visitors is directed to your website where they can redeem the deal per your instructions either in-person or online.

Email Marketing

Every business type can benefit from sales leads.
Email marketing can have a significant impact on the success of your overall marketing campaign.


What’s good about Neighborhoodeals email marketing service is that it is personalized directly to the subscribers who have engaged with your directory listing.


When opened, each page that is clicked is tracked.


Direct Mail Print Coupon Ad


Response driven direct mail continues to be a useful marketing tool to increase local visibility, foot traffic, and sales to your business.


Local business owners can put their message in the hands of geo-targeted households for as little as .03 cents per delivery.


According to direct marketing statistics, 60% of advertisers said combining digital and direct mail increased the most return on investment (ROI).


Display Banner Ad


Display advertising (sometimes called banner advertising) is a visual form of advertising that communicates a business message with an image or graphic, text, and call to action.


The ad appears to locally targeted audiences that are browsing websites and mobile apps relevant to your product or service.


According to Wordstream, The Google Display Network reaches 92% of internet users in the US across websites, news pages, blogs, emails, and Youtube.

Search Engine Advertising

When a text ad appears in Google search results, and someone clicks on it, a small fee is charged, called a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) event.


PPC ads are a powerful form of advertising because when people search Google, they reveal their interests and what they want to do or buy through their search.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Instagram and Facebook advertising helps bring even more traffic to your business and reach a larger, more targeted audience increasing revenue..


The goal is to drive interest targeted to a specific audience based on location, age, gender, education, and more.


At Neighborhoodeals, we focus on your business to understand your audience so that we can make sure the right person sees your message on Facebook and Instagram.

April's Cleaning Services coupon magazine mailer ad full page

Google Chrome Extension

Neighborhoodeals has a free money-saving Chrome extension gateway to bring traffic to your business.


Users can quickly find the latest coupons and deals offered by locally owned establishments around town from the Google browser without searching the website..


If a person is searching for a coupon deal for dining at restaurants nearby and clicks on the Neighborhoodeals Chrome extension icon, all the restaurants that are offering discounts in the searchers’ city will populate.

Cooperative Local Business Marketing 


Cooperative local business business marketing is when the cost of promoting is shared by two businesses or more.

It’s a cost-effective way to advertise a business that has a small marketing budget.


Neighborhoodeals is a local business coupon directory and promotional marketing company that create, plan and distribute print & digital advertisements for small business owners and mom & pop stores.


We offer affordable shared multi-channel marketing campaign packages to help you reach more customers efficiently and effectively with less money.


“Helping The Community Thrive, Again.”